about us mizar and alcor

Mizar & Alcor was founded in the summer of 2016 on Turkey's Turquoise Coast by Efe Serio and Cristina Rey to represent the union of east and west as well as the integration of tradition into modern life.

Their vision is to embrace forgotten skills from artisanal tradition, combining them with contemporary design inspired by the Mediterranean and African cultures.

Mizar & Alcor works hand in hand with local artisans who remain faithful to a time-honoured process. The collection combines elegance and functionality with ethical production to support local economies as a welcome change to mass-production. It praises the beauty of the unique and the long story of handmade items.

Hasan, the father of Ali boiling the silk worms.

Hasan, the father of Ali boiling the silk worms.


Our artisan partners of textiles are engaged in weaving and silk farming. Their main goal is to restore the rich potential of Anatolia and to further improve since five generations.

The whole process of collecting the locally sourced fine cotton & linen fibers, boiling, rolling, hand-weaving and tying the tassels is distributed to the family members to maintain their heritage and to transfuse this incredibly valuable tradition to the further generations.

''I followed the school only until 7th grade, as work and education didn't go well together those days. Instead I used to help my father and my elder brothers at the weaving. Playing with the wheel of the loom was my favourite play as a child. My father made me love this craft that I have been passionate about and I have devoted myself to it since I weaved my first piece of textile at the age of 14.'' - Ali


Our Nudos bags are handmade by a group of elder generation artisans in Southern Mexico who count individual Agave fibers, roll them on their thigh and then weave them using a simple wooden board with nails on two sides.

Each piece is incredibly time consuming and requires a certain skillset that most do not possess. Depending on the fineness of the Agave string, it can take up to a month to produce a single bag , that's why the younger generation has not embraced this craft. All our artisans are 50+ and most of the work is done on their spare time after the day labour in the agricultural fields to contribute to the family household. 

After the weaving process, each bag is hand-dyed with Oaxacan Coffee produced by a family-run coffee farm and each bag comes with a leather strap that is handmade by another group of artisans who hand-cut and strip the leather.

Each purchase of these items will contribute a positive stream of income to over 8 families in Southern Mexico.

Our 92 years old artisan partner rolling the agave fibers.

Our 92 years old artisan partner rolling the agave fibers.


Our Vintage Turkish Rugs are handwoven by groups of nomadic people in Anatolia which was considered a very hot spot in the early Ottoman period for one of the best textile weavers. Hand-picked by us during our travels one by one from the villages. Each item is one of a kind, comes with a story behind and dates back to 60’s & 70’s.

Each rug is professionally cleaned and vegetable dyed.

Due to the handmade process and their ages, all vintage rugs might be slightly worn, faded, or have minor imperfections which makes them unique!