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About Us

Mizar & Alcor was founded by Efe Serio, Emel Serio & Daniel Shavit in the summer of 2016 on Turkey's Turquoise coast to represent the union of East and West as well as the integration of tradition into modern life.

Our vision is to embrace artisanal skills from ancestral tradition, combining them with contemporary design inspired by the Mediterranean.

Mizar & Alcor works hand in hand with local artisans who remain faithful to a time-honored process.

The collection combines elegance and functionality with ethical production to support local economies. It praises the beauty of the unique and the long story of handmade items. 

sustainable fabrics we use


Our textiles are handwoven using sustainable materials such as certified 100% organic cotton & linen. These are lightweight fibres that require less energy to wash and less material to weave.

Our fabrics are certified with Standard 100 Oeko-Tex meaning they have been tested for human and environmental safety and guarantee the absence of harmful substances.

hand loom our artisans weave on


Our artisans are engaged in weaving since five generations. Their aim is to revitalise the rich textile culture of Anatolia.

The tasks are distributed of collecting the fine cotton & linen fibres, warping the yarns, hand-weaving the fabrics and tying the tassels is distributed among family members to maintain their heritage and to transmit this incredibly valuable tradition over to further generations.

‘’From early childhood I admired my father and my elder brothers at the weaving loom. Playing with the wheel of the loom was my favourite play as a child. My father made me love this craft that I have been passionate about and I have devoted myself to it since I weaved my first piece of textile at the age of 14.
Now my children are themselves growing into the craft and I feel proud being able to to provide for my family and perpetuating our homelands tradition

- Ali, Head artisan, recognized by UNESCO as a Living Human Treasure.

impact we leave on earth


Our artisans are ensured a fair wage and benefit from comprehensive health coverage.

We fulfil all our orders using carbon neutral shipping options in biodegradable bags. They are made from plants -corn to be exact- and can be composted at home.

Additionally, we are carbon negative as we offset 200% of our annual carbon impact as verified by Gold Standard. With these offsets we fund sustainable development projects providing safe drinking water in Laos.